Day 28: Aches, pains and spam

Another slow day on the shoestring front I’m afraid. I had great intentions for what to get done before going to work this morning. Alas, I was woken at 3.50am with awful tooth ache. I eventually got up, took some painkillers and went to sleep some time later. Hence I wasn’t feeling madly energetic when I actually had to get out of bed. I’ve also twisted my knee somehow. It doesn’t really hurt to walk on it but bending it to sit down or go upstairs is quite painful. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be one of those spates that come in threes!


Anyway, a few weeks back I was very excited to find the above book with the tantalising title How To Survive Without A Salary. It’s all about the Conserver lifestyle. Much of the book is about evaluating what you spend, what you really need and what you can get for free but on a much more hardcore level than anything I’ve read before. Charles Long shares lots of funny stories about the learning curves experienced by him, his wife and his children. I particularly liked his sense of humour over his winter coat. A friend of his was sorting through things for the rag bag when he spotted a high quality camel coat that was in great condition but out of date. His friend happily let him take it. Charles has worn the coat (and looked after it well) every winter for years and years and years. Apparently it comes back in to fashion every seven years or so, during which period many people compliment him on his coat and eye it with envy. The rest of the time he notices glances of pity that he is wearing such an unfashionable coat which amuses him. One of things I liked best about this book is that he says, very early on, that he realises most readers have no intention of giving up the security of their salaried jobs but want to find ways of making the most out of what they earn and leading a less consumer driven lifestyle. It’s another inspiring read. I might even buy my own copy sometime. You’ve got to like this man – he congratulates you if you have come across his book in the library rather than the book shop!

One last thing. For the first time ever I looked at the contents of my Spam file and it looks like genuine comments are being classed as spam. Is this just spam being clever or can real comments get accidentally stuck in spam? I’d be grateful to hear from any bloggers in the know!


No spending today

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Doing things for free: cross-stitch and a 2 mile walk
  • Planning: looking at wallpaper and interiors websites, trying to decide what colour to paint our bedroom!
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3 thoughts on “Day 28: Aches, pains and spam

  1. I have been reading that book too!! I liked the whole, looking at the problem and thinking of a way to solve it that didnt involve throwing money at it.

    I also love that your blog includes the not so good days as well as the big achievement days!

  2. shoestringalley

    Hee hee – are we commenting on each others blogs at the same time? I am so pleased someone else has read this book too. And that you like my blog!

  3. The coat story reminds me of my dad. He proudly proclaims that he is the only person he knows who can wear something until it has gone out of style, and then come back in to style again! My mom groans but he loves it. LOL

    Sorry — I know nothing about spam; only that it can be tricky.

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