Day 27: Party pack


I decided to start tackling a funny little corner on our landing today. We have a small table that serves as a general dumping ground for all of the things we don’t really know what else to do with. It has been home to hats, scarves and gloves for most of the winter. Since the weather seems to be behaving itself I decided to pack them all away. I also cleared away a few sneaky bits of paperwork and a random collection of things from car shampoo and anti-freeze to hairbands and my little-used apron! It isn’t finished – I still don’t know where to put the tool box and so on but at least I’ve made a start.

I also had a peek in the cupboard under the stairs (this will probably be decluttered last as I am afraid, very afraid) but found an interesting collection of things. These included a large and half full bag of tea lights, some party poppers, two strings of fairy lights, some gold candles and a pack of pretty napkins. I’ve put all of these together in a bag that came free with a magazine a few years ago and this is now, officially, our party bag which should really come in handy next time we have a get-together!


No spending again – do I get a prize?

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Decluttering: making a start on the landing dumping ground
  • Making use of what I already have: putting together a party pack 🙂
  • Doing things for free: practicing bass
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