Day 22: Having my cake…

The friday feeling was definitely with me today. I went out for (a fairly frugal!) lunch and was watching the clock by 2.30pm. Is it the shock of 4 days back at work after 4 days off? Who knows? Whatever, the spirit of weekend joy is with me. I very rarely go out for lunch – I usually rely on my lunch box.


I’ve been nipping in to town again for a cake here and there. This is very naughty. It is out of pure boredom. Now things have eased up a bit I must try to make some flapjacks or cake to take to work with me. I’m sure I don’t need to state the obvious financial benefits of taking a packed lunch to work. Obviously it is cheaper. Anyone who has even briefly considered the cost of a loaf of bread and some tuna/eggs/cheese/salad versus 5 days worth of pre-packed sandwiches will know this! And don’t get me started on the crap that supermarkets try to pass off as egg mayonnaise…

I’ve mentioned that I have been getting up a bit early and doing a spot of housework before work and then another very mini burst when I get home. The result? I got home today and went to do the big weekly clean only to discover…there wasn’t that much to do. I hoovered, cleaned the bathroom and so on but really there wasn’t much tidying up and putting away to be done. Since I prefer to go to the supermarket later (no crowds plus the shelves are full in readiness for saturday morning mayhem) I decided to use the time to finally finish decluttering and spring cleaning the kitchen. I emptied all of the cupboards, cleaned them and put everything back. Last month I threw out all of the comically out of date food products (which will not happen again – shoestring living does not permit things going to waste!) and any broken bits and pieces. This made todays job much easier as I only had to clean and do a bit of re-arranging in the newly emerged bits of space.

Thus purged, I did the food shop – £23.70. I managed to buy some extras this week. I discovered an old, but unexpired, packet for making tuna bake. I don’t use packet stuff much but I thought I might as well use it up – it will do for packed lunches. It requires crisps for the topping. We don’t often buy crisps. A single packet was 45p where Co-op offered 6 own-brand packets for 99p, so I chose those. I also bought a very gorgeous looking coffee cake. Now I know I could have made a cake BUT it is Friday night, I am tired, I am not in a baking frame of mind and £1.49 seemed a good price to me. I also bought a block of cheese and a small packet of sugar which weren’t on the list (we’ve been seeing a lot of a friend who has four sugars in one mug of tea!). I think that with the crisps, cake, cheese and sugar I did pretty well to do the shop for so little. I have £22.17 left for the last shop of the month which is great (and considerably better than last month!).

Now I am going to have a very large slice of cake (quite likely to be followed by another slice of equal proportions) and settle down to a spot of ‘Dexter’…


Lunch out £3.93 (a really weird amount!) – from general spending fund

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Decluttering: I finished the kitchen – at last!!
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5 thoughts on “Day 22: Having my cake…

  1. I LOVE your lunch box! LOL That is very cool, indeed.

    I’m seriously impressed with your spring cleaning success. I wish I could “channel” you for a day or a week, and make some headway here. ugh.

    Have a marvelous weekend.

  2. Frugal Trenches

    I so love that lunch box. It has made my heart grow. I’d take it on adventures with me.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. shoestringalley

    I love my lunch box too! The only trouble is, you can’t fit a banana in it. So if you ever spot a woman on her way to work wearing a suit and heels, toting a Wonder Woman lunch box and brandishing a banana like a gun you’ll know it’s me!

    Kirwin: Bless you. You’ve put in more time with your intricate door painting than I have on any single thing for quite some time!

    FT: I’d just love to know what adventures you’d go on! 🙂

  4. I’m so with you on the supermarket egg mayonnaise thing – what’s it actually made of, I wonder?

  5. shoestringalley

    Caroline – I’m thinking some kind of boiled rubber?!

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