Day 19: A suspiciously productive day…


So far so good with the ‘clawing back time’ plan. I got up 15 minutes early and washed up, put the bedsheet and pillowcases in the washing machine, cleaned the bath and took two portions of sausage casserole and mash (home-made of course!) out of the freezer before doing anything else. It only took ten minutes! I even had time to stop at the shop to get some milk, butter and fruit before going to work.

On my lunchbreak I went to the post office and the bank, then stopped at one of my favourite shops to get another little fold-up bag. Gran was admiring mine so I thought I’d get her one for her birthday. When I got back to the office, I ordered her a CD she said she’d like for her birthday as well. Since I was only a few pounds short of being eligable for free delivery I decided to order something else for another birthday in August – that way I have ‘finished’ both sets of birthday presents and made the most of the free delivery option.

As soon as I got home I went through the post that has arrived in the past week and filed it all away. Next I phoned my gas and electric supplier with my meter readings to check that we were on track. This is something I am really rubbish at doing. In the past we have ended up either paying way too much or not enough. Apparently we are right on track which is a relief! I’ve just made a huge pasta salad to last both of us for lunches for the next three days. I had everything finished by 6.40pm. All I have left to do is wait for the sheet to dry so I can put it back on the bed. That’s it! The house is relatively tidy and I don’t have any nagging voices in the back of my head telling me I ought to be doing something. So. I am going to jump in the bath with a good book, then have dinner and curl up with Husband on the sofa to watch the DVD that arrived from Lovefilm this morning.

I wonder how long all of this productivity will last?!


Mini-food shop £6.55 – from food fund

Fold-up bag £3.95 – from general spending fund

CD and DVD from Amazon £18.65 – from what is left in bank account unallocated/gift fund!  

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Making better/good use: of my time! An evening free from the to-do lists – yippee!
  • Financial planning: checking my gas/electric meter readings
  • Financial planning: getting even more things in advance for the gift box
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5 thoughts on “Day 19: A suspiciously productive day…

  1. Nice job! BRAVO.
    You definitely earned a nice bath and a good read. Enjoy.

  2. Oh god I feel so inadequate! I got up at 7.30 made a cuppa, watched last nights “The Wire” which I Sky+, did breakfast for the kids, put washing on, washed up, got showered, dressed, make – up on, cleaned bathrooms, hung washing out, went up the co-op, went down the town, to pound shop, savers, barbers, macdonalds and the arcade. Got a few bits in Tesco. Got back at 3.30pm, got washing in, cooked dinner (homemade meat pie), washed pans up, put dishwasher on, bathed the boy, and been on the phone to my friend for 1 1/2hrs whilst the football was on and just read your blog – exhausted!

  3. way to go. I love that you dont feel like an organised person!

  4. Wow! It sounds like such a great day! My favorite part was “curl up with Husband on the sofa…” it must be lovely to be married!

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