Days 16 & 17

Ooops – late again! I seem to have Bank Holiday fever. I’m fairly well recovered from my post-vandalism grump. Thank you to all of you lovely folk who left such nice comments – these are for you – xxxxx! Tried to have a fairly laid back day on Saturday just hanging out with friends, eating good food and watching DVDs. I haven’t done any food shopping this week as I knew things were going to be a bit manic this weekend. I chipped in £10 from the food budget towards various goodies cooked up between a group of us. I also found half an hour to sort through the sideboard in our living room. We use this for the general storage of anything from camera cases to leads and board games. There was rather a lot of junk in there and I managed to get Husband to agree to throwing quite a few things out. Now it has been cleared out there is a fair bit of space left so I’ll there will be room left for other things as I gradually work my way through the house (does anyone ever have enough storage space?!).


Yesterday I went for a gorgeous walk in the sunshine with a friend and managed to find a couple of hours to relax before getting ready for gig number 2 of the weekend!


Saturday 11th April

£10 from food fund / From the challenge-a-day list: Clearing out the sideboard

Sunday 12th April

£10 from petrol fund / From the challenge-a-day list: Free evening out with music and drinks (again!) in return for gig

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2 thoughts on “Days 16 & 17

  1. I’m glad you found some time to unwind and have fun. My poor husband is used to me coming to him with a pile of stuff and asking, “Do we need any of this? Can I just throw it out?” It’s a very cathartic feeling.

  2. Frugal Trenches

    Oh I want to be walking in that field with those horses. They bring me peace.

    Glad you had a good time with friends!

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