Day 18: A little more planning

Another day of jumping out of bed and running around like a mad thing! This time, it was getting ready for a joint Christening/Birthday party. Thankfully, the gift and card were ready and waiting in my gift box so I only had to wrap them up.


This has been a strange weekend of highs and lows. I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to going back to work (ha!) but I am definitely looking forward to getting back into some sort of routine. I also want to do a bit more plotting on how to get the most out of my free time. I need to find a way of keeping on top of things and getting chores out of the way without letting them take over. Most people think I am naturally very organised. This is hilarious. I am not. I write lists and set myself small challenges because, if I don’t, I never get anything done. With me, it is always a conscious act of thinking ‘What do I want / what am I trying to achieve?’ and then making a plan to make it happen. I am always amazed by people who seem to put so little time into planning things (their finances/home renovations/having children/even being ready on time!) and it all still comes together. I wish I was like this but I am not. I think I actually have the instincts of a very lazy person. It takes constant effort not to be!

Sometimes life gets so busy I can’t even remember or imagine what I would actually rather be doing with my time if I had more of it. It is too easy to think that if everything was ‘done’ (ie decluttering/housework/redecoration/savings in the bank / errands/whatever) then I would be able to do whatever I liked. The trouble is, there is always going to be something that needs to be done and if you only ever make time for chores life becomes very dull very quickly. Similarly, if you never get any of them done (as my instincts frequently would have me do) life becomes very stressful – bills don’t get paid, clothes don’t get washed, cars don’t run on fumes (if only!), food doesn’t get bought/used up and so on. I know everything is about balance but I think I need to find a bit more of it. Last week, I did quite well by doing ten minues of chores before work and another ten or twenty minutes after work so I had the rest of the evening free – I need to try to keep this up. Here is where I’m going to try to squeeze things in:


  • Check my finances and move any money around/pay any bills etc
  • Sort out any personal emails
  • Run any errands in town (post office/bank etc)
  • Update Filofax (otherwise my head will actually fall off)
  • Thrifty research on the internet 🙂

As soon as I get in from work:

  • Wash any dishes
  • Put on/take out any laundry
  • Get lunches ready for the next day
  • File any letters or bills that have arrived  
  • Get work clothes ready for the next day 

I hope that by doing this I should be free from about 6.30pm every day to do whatever I like and that I will have very little left to do in the way of chores and errands at the weekends. I’ll give it a go anyway, and report back on how I get on!


Carton of orange juice £1.60, a drink after the Christening £1.50 = £3.10 from general spending fund

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Free stuff/Making use: a bit more work on the cross-stitch book mark for Gran’s birthday
  • Making use: extending my plans to claw back more free time!
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3 thoughts on “Day 18: A little more planning

  1. Yes, yes, and YES. For me, it’s a constant struggle between becoming too regimented with daily chores and organization to letting it all go down the tubes. And with my relatively-new addiction with blogging, things have decidedly gone down the tubes a bit. (But I think I’m the only one who’s noticed so far.)

  2. I am exactly the same, all my friends think I am organised but I really am not! again make loads of lists, out of love of note books!
    I think this thrifty living thing leads to a natural progression that everything else in life should be in an orderly manner, I was thinking about doing a post about this and also to start doing my daily tracking online so my blog gets a bit more personal.

  3. shoestringalley

    Kirwin – Glad it’s not just me! I am determined that I am going to get this balance right…

    Recessionista – yup, the love of note books does lead to a lot of list writing! You are quite right about the thrifty living/orderly thing. Once you start looking at one element of your life very closely (like your finances) it kind of makes you question how and why you do everything else. I’ll always be keen to read whatever you are blogging about 🙂

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