Day 13: A spot of thrifty shopping


I was really pushed for time again today but I managed to carry out a bit of Shoestring forward planning on my lunch break. Yup, more things for the gift box. I managed to pick up a lovely 1954 Penguin edition of an old favourite which I know one of my friends will get a real kick out of. And it was only £1.50! I’m thinking it will go rather well with an old postcard-type book mark. I also got a couple of other things including an Emma Bridgewater tin and a very cute bag with ladybirds on it (that folds up really small).

The Book Man came to work today (I love the book man – lots of discounted books). I picked up a really great book of recipes that can all be cooked in one pot. I’m hoping this will give me a bit of inspiration in the kitchen which is sadly lacking at the moment. I also got a gorgeous cook book with loads of great brownie recipes which is headed for my gift box!

The rest of the day has shot by without time for much else (I’m sneakily writing this while the rest of the band discusses the set list for Friday). I’d better get back before they notice…:)


Book £1.50, Tissues 90p, Tin £5, Bag £3.50 & Brownie recipe book £3.40- £14.30 from Christmas/gift fund

Chocolate muffins £1.34, One Pot Cook Book £3.50 – £4.84 from General spending fund

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Financial management: Bought five things for my gift box
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3 thoughts on “Day 13: A spot of thrifty shopping

  1. I love the way you shop ahead for your gift box! Very inspiring.

  2. LOL, I was just about to comment the same thing as Renia. I think it’s very cool that you buy intriguing, creative gifts ahead of time, without knowing exactly who’s going to get them.

  3. shoestringalley

    I honestly can’t recommend it enough! I generally buy things for specific people but like to have a few standby gifts just in case (like the brownie recipe book). I also have a stash of wrapping paper, ribbons and cards. This weekend I have to get ready for a joint birthday/Christening party and I know I have everything I need without getting into a panic or running around the shops wondering what to get. Much more relaxing!

    Have a great weekend!

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