Day 10: Mending and mooching

Had a lazy day today, hanging out with some friends and generally mooching around not doing much. Had to have a good think about what to do for my challenge today as I was seriously not in the mood for cleaning or getting really into anything. Then I remembered something I had been meaning to do for ages – mend two strings of beads. They are two of my favourites and yet I haven’t worn either for well over a year because a metal link on each string had come loose.


I have no idea why I left it so long to do this – it took about two minutes to fix them both (accomplished with nothing more sophisticated than the kitchen scissors). I haven’t worn them in so long it is like having something new!

Since I was in a mending frame of mind I also sewed back on a large, flat bead that had come off a top. Feeling fairly virtuous by this point I decided to relax (I swear, this was ten minutes of really hard work) so I flopped back on the sofa with my book and promptly fell asleep…


I spent nothing!

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Making good use of the things I have: mended two strings of beads and a top!
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4 thoughts on “Day 10: Mending and mooching

  1. “(I swear, this was ten minutes of really hard work)”

    That really made me laugh!! Thanks for the giggle. And I know exactly what you mean!

  2. shoestringalley

    Always happy to oblige 🙂

  3. I’ve recently come across your blog (via RML’s blog.) I love the focus of your blog–I think it’s similar to mine. It’s going to be fun following you and your challenge.

    BTW, isn’t it funny how we put things off (like fixing your 2 necklaces) when they could be accomplished within mere minutes?! I tend to do the same, but I’m trying to mend my ways… ; )

  4. shoestringalley

    Hi! Glad you’re enjoying my challenge! Only just managed to scrape through yesterday. I’ll be dropping by your blog later…

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