Day 7: A book of simple pleasures


This rather lovely book isn’t about financial management or ways to be thrifty but it does contain plenty of ideas on enjoying the simple things in life (that generally don’t cost a great deal – if anything –  anyway). The Wonderful Weekend Book: Reclaim Life’s Simple Pleasures by Elspeth Thompson is divided into chapters for things that can be enjoyed all year round and also by season. My favourite sections include:

  • Bring Back Teatime
  • Take Up Photography
  • Brew Hedgerow Tipples
  • Home-made Presents, Wrapping and Cards
  • Make Chutney
  • Stay In Bed All Day
  • Make Minestrone
  • Plant A Herb Garden
  • Write Proper Letters
  • Reinstate The Nature Table

It has given me some great ideas for writing and photography projects. This would probably appeal to anyone that enjoys cooking, reading, writing, taking photographs, gardening, socializing or family activities. There isn’t anything particularly revolutionary here I suppose, but it is the sort of book I like to read in the bath after a long day!


I have not spent a penny today!

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Making use of what I already have: I got out the polish and brushes and polished all of my shoes to keep them in good condition (including the pair I got re-heeled last month). If I look after them well enough I shouldn’t need to replace them so quickly!
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