Day 6: Finding my thread

There has been something lurking at the bottom of my gift box for rather a long time…


About five years ago, in a fit of enthusiastic optimism, I bought a cross-stitch bookmark kit with a view to making something for Gran. Clearly, this enthusiasm began and ended with the purchase of the kit. I don’t actually do sewing or knitting or anything of the like. However, it is Gran’s birthday at the end of next month and I know she would really like this, not only because it has sweet peas on it but because I would have taken the time to make it for her. And I already have the kit. There’s no excuse really. So I’ve dug it out of the box, read the instructions and I’m ready to go. Surely I can finish this in 6 or 7 weeks?!

Lunch time was difficult today. I really, really wanted to walk into town and buy an egg mayo baguette and a packet of Maltesers – something that wouldn’t have been remotely unusual a couple of months ago. I could taste that baguette. I knew exactly where I wanted to get it from. Somehow I resisted. It didn’t help that my alternative was soup and ryvittas with the filthy soft cheese I bought in Co-op the other week (I do not like it). However, I am damned if I’m throwing away perfectly edible food! So I spread it on thick to try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It should all be used up tomorrow and I can crack open the fresh pack of my usual brand. Can’t say I won’t still want the baguette and Maltesers though! 


Lottery syndicate at work £3 – from general spending fund 

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Making good use/financial management: Making a thoughtful gift using something I already have!
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4 thoughts on “Day 6: Finding my thread

  1. thefrenchchick

    Okay, I get one stupid question per day and here it is: What exactly is an egg mayo baguette? It sounds like it might be simple enough to make at home, then you could curb the craving and keep to the budget as well.

    When I make egg salad at home, I hard boil 2 eggs. Then dice the whites and mash the yolks. Add mayo to moisten the mashed yolks and diced whites. Mix together well and add just a dab (1/4 teaspoon or less) yellow mustard for flavor. I then use it as a spread on bread, baguettes or croissants. I prefer it on croissants but will make due with heartier breads if needed.

  2. apieceofwood

    I’m sure your Grab would love it. I’m embroidering a cushion for my Mum for her birthday.. She’ll probably never buy one but will love it just because I took the time to do it for her!

  3. Good Luck finishing the bookmark – I think you will be really proud once its done!

    I think I know myself well enough now not to buy craft kits though 😉

  4. shoestringalley

    French Chick – Yup, just a baguette filled with plain old hard boiled eggs and mayo. I could make it at home but I try not to eat bread more than once a week – it does funny things to me! I find this really annoying as sandwiches are pretty much my favourite things to eat. Grrr.

    Piece of Wood – How far into your cushion project are you? And how long do you have to finish it?! Good luck.

    RML – I’ll let you see the finished results…if there are any!

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