Day 5: Seeing clearly!

Trying to find one thing to do every day towards a thriftier lifestyle has really been focusing me on what I need and what I can do. For a while I’ve been considering cancelling my contact lenses. They arrive by post every three months and I pay a monthly fee of £18. I don’t wear contacts as often as I used to and hardly ever to work. While I was sorting through the bedroom and bathroom I found upopened box after unopened box. I think I have enough to wear a pair every day for about three months! Since I only seem to be using about one set a week I really don’t need to be paying for more – I’ve got enough to last me a long time. So, I phoned up and cancelled them. As I’ve only just received a box my last payment won’t be until the beginning of June. However, once that is out of the way I’ll be saving £18 a month. I’ll probably sign up to get them again but not until I’ve nearly run out. I doubt this will be much before December so, this year, I could be saving up to £126.

One of the reasons I liked getting my contacts through Specsavers is that it entitles you to half price specs but I really don’t need a new pair. My currents specs are fine and I also have another pair that I like but because one of the arms needs to be fixed I haven’t worn them for ages. When I’m next near a Specsavers I’ll take them in to be mended. This will be much cheaper than buying a new pair – even at half price!


Prescription £7.10 & 50p towards a colleagues birthday cake – both from general spending fund (total £7.60)

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Financial management/Making use: saving £18 a month by cancelling my contacts until I use up my current supply
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One thought on “Day 5: Seeing clearly!

  1. I only buy new packs of contacts when I need them and since I only wear them for gigs or skiing a pack of 30 pairs can last me almost a year.

    Specsavers is also my optition. I love their two for one glasses!

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