Day 4: Shoestring holidays

This is going to be the first year in over a decade that we aren’t going to go abroad for a holiday – not even a weekend break. It wasn’t any easy decision to make but the fact is the recession isn’t going anywhere, the pound isn’t doing great against the euro and frankly, I’d rather have the money in the bank right now. The prospect of a new place to explore has always been the thing that keeps me going through the working year. Just the thought of cobbled streets, warm evenings sitting outside, amazing food and ancient sights usually manges to lift my spirits while driving to work on a miserable, rainy day. Alas, this year it is not to be. But I can’t feel too bad about it. The thought of having those funds as a bit of security in these difficult times actually makes me feel more relaxed than panicking about airport taxes, holiday insurance and new bikinis! So a UK holiday it is.


We’ve booked a week off in early summer and are going to plan some days and evenings out. Living in the Westcountry, we are lucky enough to have hundreds of tourist destinations right on our doorstep but we hardly ever make use of them. I plan to put aside some extra spending funds so we can have a really good time that week and not worry about sticking to our usual budget. We have also booked a cottage for a week later in the year. It is in a stunning location and the price is fantastic so it gives us something to look forward to while knowing that we aren’t breaking the bank. I’ve used the money I was going to put back for holidays this month and the £50 saved from last month to put down a deposit. If only I could put a deposit on some good weather!


Whipping cream  – 84p from general spending fund (Husband has baked a cake for our friends birthday but we need a filling!)

Biscuits – 44p from general spending fund (it was my turn to buy in the office)

Desposit for holiday – £156 from holiday fund

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Considered spending/Financial management: Booking a UK holiday instead of going abroad
  • Making use of what I already have: Booking a week off to have a holiday at home and making the most of what the area I live in!
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3 thoughts on “Day 4: Shoestring holidays

  1. It’s great that you’re going to make the most of your area. Living in Scotland there is so much of the country that I’ve haven’t seen. As I’ve been saving so much I’ll be lucky enough to afford a holiday this year but I’m also thinking about taking a week off to walk the West Highland Way.

    Let us know what places you find to visit!

  2. shoestringalley

    Oh, there’ll be photos and everything! I’m thinking castles, maybe a boat trip, a few BBQs on the beach…

    I would LOVE to see Scotland oneday. Whenever I see it on TV or in films the scenery just looks mindblowing. Hope you manage to make your trip!

  3. Oooh I feel your pain! I’m actually about to put together a list of cheap, fun “local” things to do this summer since I have to work and get little vacation days.

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