Days 1 & 2

I had a good potter around town today. I started off at the library (and got three brilliant looking books) and then went to Boots AGAIN (I’m becoming quite the regular). Mum gave me a £5 No. 7 voucher and it expires tomorrow so I went and got another reduced toner for my stockpile and picked up some cotton wool which I’m nearly out of. Then I took a stroll to a little antique shop that sells heartbreakingly gorgeous vintage jewellery. After drooling over diamonds and sapphires for a bit I switched my attention to the postcard section. I love, love, love old postcards. The unused immaculate postcards hold no interest for me – I’m into the ones with writing on the back that conjure up a lost era or give an intrguing glimpse into someone’s life from long ago. I got two great ones today. One is for me and the other is going in my gift box. 012 I have a friend who also likes this kind of thing and I have bought her a book for her birthday – I thought this would make a unique bookmark! Honestly, I can’t express how much of a kick I get out of these things. Here’s what one said:

My Dear Flossie, What has become of you, I have not seen or heard anything of you for about a month, have I offended you, oh what is the matter? I might come down one evening next week. With best love from Alice

Who is Flossie?! What did Alice do to cause such offence? I am riddled with curiosity. It is postmarked 1905 so I suspect my chances of finding out are slim. Here’s what the other one said:

Dear Lott, We are absoloutely dying for the holidays to come. It seems ages since we saw you both. So delighted Mr Vine is coming down. Am looking forward to a jolly time. Ripping weather here the last few days. Hope we shall have it in Aug. Do write soon. Busy harvesting now. Love from us all xxxxx

I can’t quite make out the postmark on this one though I think it is 1911. What were they harvesting? Why does no-one say ‘ripping’ anymore?! I’m going to try and reinstate it from this very moment. Anyway, I could have bought a hundred but I held firm and stuck with these two. As if to reward my restraint the chap in the shop let me have both for £1!

I spoke too soon about the sun being out on schedule. I was about 10 steps away from my front foor when the rain began. Fortunately it didn’t last long so I was able to have a walk on the beach. The sea looked incredible – really dark from the heavy rain clouds but full of sun sparkles…


I was going to put £10 in my Christmas jar this afternoon but I decided to actually buy some things instead. A while ago I made a note of two books that I thought two different friends would like so I had a look on Amazon. I found new copies of each at very discounted prices from Amazon sellers – result!

I suppose that as I’m basing the April challenge (see ‘April Goals’ tab at top of page) from when I got paid I’d better include yesterday in todays daily tracking entry!


Friday March 27th:

Large shop at Tesco – £64.82 from food budget (leaving £85.18)

Saturday March 28th:

Boots £3.80, Antique shop £1, DVD rental shop £6.02 = £10.82 from general spends fund (leaving £89.18) £7.80 from Christmas fund

From the challenge-a-day list:

  • Financial management: Buying 3 things for my gift box
  • Financial management: Making 6 portions of vegetable curry and 5 portions of pork casserole to go in the freezer which means less food needs to be bought through the month
  • Free stuff: Going for a walk on the beach
  • Free stuff: Going to the library
  • ‘Good’ spending: Using the £5 voucher to get my toner for £2.30 instead of £7.30

So more than one thing today!

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3 thoughts on “Days 1 & 2

  1. Wow those postcards are fascinating! If I weren’t off spending I’d be out looking for some right now!

    I noticed that you rented movies, do you do this a lot? If so you should perhaps look into something like Lovefilm which I think is fantastic. It costs me £12.72 a month but would be so much more if I went to the local shop all the time.

  2. Frugal Trenches

    I too collect old postcards, I adore them, a real window into history. There is a lovely place in Exeter that has them.

    You are doing so well with your money management!

  3. shoestringalley

    Glad you both liked my postcards! I might start collecting them – it would be a thriftier hobby than most…

    Holly: Yup, I’m a paid up member of Lovefilm too! However, we are currently waiting for our next discs. We had planned on going to the cinema but the film we were going to watch had such bad reviews we decided to stay in and rent a DVD instead!

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