A good food shop

At last – a reasonable shop! Today was pay day which meant the monthly trip to Tesco to stock up. I got a massive stash of fruit and vegetables (sadly minimal in last weeks shop), two blocks of my favourite cheese (cheese! I am so happy/easily pleased) and tonnes and tonnes of other stuff. I’ve topped up my storecupboard with lots of tinned tomatoes, olive oil and other essential bits and peices. My aim is always that I only need to pick up fruit/veg/meat/dairy on a weekly basis after doing a big shop once a month.

After the last big shop I decided it was pointless having one budget for food and another for non-food items so I’ve put it all together. It is more this month as, with the way my pay days fall, it is going to have to last me 5 weeks, instead of the usual 4 (I hate 5 week months!). At £30 a week (for both of us) my budget is £150. Today’s shop came in at £64.82. I was really, really pleased with this as it included a couple of extras not on my list including frozen raspberries, extra cheese and a bottle of pear cider for Husband. This means that I have around £21 left a week for food shopping. I expect this will go up and down depending on how much meat I buy. My freezer needs stocking up with home-made ‘ready meals’ again. If anyone feels like sharing any recipes that freeze well I’m all ears!

I dashed around and did most of the housework after work before rushing off to do the shop (leaving Husband with hoover in hand!). It isn’t the most exciting way to spend a Friday night, I know, but it is SO nice to wake up on a Saturday morning in a clean, tidy house with plenty of food ready and waiting. It seems to get the weekend off to exactly the right kind of start. All I need now is a bit of sunshine around midday…

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