More reading: Living on £1 a day


This is one of the two books I treated myself to this month and I really, really enjoyed it. The author set herself the challenge of living on £1 a day for a whole year. Her only additional spending was the rent for her room. Literally everything else was paid for from her £1 a day allowance.

Apart from a handful of people, Kath didn’t tell her friends, family and colleagues what she was doing for the first 6 months to see if any of them noticed – none of them did. She managed to get by through scouring the supermarkets in the evening for marked down food, taking advantage of free samples in shops and sending off for free samples and taking part in surveys. She also swapped clothes with friends, discovered jumble sales and managed two holidays during the course of the year.

Luckily for Kath, she was living in a city (Bristol) where she managed to find lots of free activities virtually every night and weekend (often including free wine and a buffet) and salons looking for trainees to try out their budding hairdressing and beauty skills. This isn’t really an option for me living where I do (and hitch-hiking isn’t my cup of tea either) but this is a really fascinating insight into her personal journey and what is actually possible.

I think the diversity of  the personal finance blogs out there prove that people don’t need to be in the exact same financial situation to find other people’s experiences interesting and inspiring. Some people are trying to get out of debt, some (like me) are starting to save, some are looking for ways to cut back, some want to downshift, some are still enjoying their shopping but are finding ways to be more savvy with their purchases. So while I wouldn’t have the stamina to live on £1 a day like Kath, I still found plenty of interesting ideas and food for thought!

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2 thoughts on “More reading: Living on £1 a day

  1. I was given this book for Christmas and found it really interesting with some good useful tips. As I’m originally from Bristol that bit was interesting for me too (I’m now living in a small town in south Essex). I’ve just found your blog and am finding it really good reading.

  2. shoestringalley

    I found it made me think about how I could push my reduced spending a little bit further – I really liked it. I’ve just found another good one in the library…more on that another time.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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