Recipe for April

I’m still thinking about what do for April. I’ve been being pretty good with my cash for the past couple of months and am trying to think of ways to stop me from becoming complacent. It’s so easy to think you’ve got it all sorted and, before you know it, you’ve bought two magazines and are eating a packet of biscuits while loading up an online shopping basket. Or maybe that’s just me. Though, this month, the only thing I’m guilty of is the biscuits (and I don’t even like them that much. See? Complacency!).

So, I’ve now been filled in about the daily tracking which seems like a good place to start, though I’ll wait until the first of the month to get going on it (hopefully the fact that this will be April Fool’s day will have no bearing on my success).  But I feel I need to do a bit more. Maybe commit to doing one thrifty-type action every day for the whole month as well???

On a totally different subject, does anyone remember the Be-Ro recipe book?


I love my Be-Ro recipe book. I still have the one bought for me as a child and recently bought the up-to-date version. This little book contains everything you need to know about good old-fashioned baking from pastry to simple cakes. I rediscovered its delights last year and was amazed at how easy it is to make shortcrust pastry. It is a really great guide for the basics of baking. Best of all, at only £1.50 including postage and packaging, it fits in nicely with a shoestring budget! 

Check it out at:

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