Saturday pottering

Had a leisurely morning since I didn’t have much in the way of cooking to do. I threw together some flapjacks to take to my friends tonight and also a fruit crumble. That taken care of, I returned the evil freeloading book to the library (where some other poor, unsuspecting soul may find it alas) and did my mobile top up in Boots again. I haven’t run out of credit yet but I had £5 left in my budget for it and the current run of vouchers expires soon. So once more I got my Advantage card points and paid just £2.30 for my No 7 toner that should have cost £7.30. Decided to break with convention and got a Radio Times instead of the Saturday Times this week. I haven’t had time to read my Saturday paper for ages and it keeps going in the recycling bin unread. I’ve only been using the TV guide. At the newsagents there were some TV guides for as little as 40p but the rest of the editorial content was very ‘Soap’ heavy (Idon’t watch soaps – they stress me out!) whereas the Radio Times had some good articles and reviews. Even so, I spent 40p less than usual. Not a wildly exciting saving I admit, but if you look after the pennies and all that…


I’ve just had my, much longed for, dippy eggs followed by Apple and Raspberry crumble, using up the last of my frozen raspberries…034

I’m thinking that now would be a good time for a little nap…

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3 thoughts on “Saturday pottering

  1. Frugal Trenches

    That eggie looks delicious!
    40 p saving is still 40 p! 😉

  2. shoestringalley

    It was bloomin’ gorgeous! Ah, the simple stuff in life…

  3. That egg looks so yum! Think I might get myself some of that for breakfast tomorrow.

    Regarding the paper and magazine, have you tried reading articles online instead. I know it’s not quite the same (I love a morning in bed with the Sunday papers, but who really has the time?!) but they have almost all the same info as the paper and more.

    You can find out most tv listings online too. You might not be prepared to give it up just yet but a couple of quid a week is £100 in a year!

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