The decluttering continues…

Who would have thought that a day off work could be so tiring? I attacked the bedroom today, armed only with a roll of binliners and an appraising eye. The battle was hard fought but I think I won. I sorted through all of my clothes and managed to fill a binliner of things that can go (to ebay/carboot/charity shops) and another binliner of handbags and shoes. The handbags were the hardest to say goodbye to…I am something of a bag worshipper. I still have a load left though, so I’m not exactly going without. I also sorted through my jewellery and found it easy to put aside a pile that can also go to the carboot.

Next up was under the bed. How do such a random selection of things get under beds anyway? I won’t bore you with what I found. Surfice it to say that all that remains are 3 bulky luggage bags that can’t go anywhere else and a spare pillow. And quite a lot of dust. The worst thing about this decluttering lark is realising how much cleaning you will have to do when all of the clutter has gone. Still – that’ll be another day. I started in one corner of the room and went around systematically, not letting myself move on until I had finished each area. It didn’t take too long and now our bedroom is completely clear of anything that I don’t need or want to keep (aside from those two pesky bags of things to sell/donate). I left Husband’s stuff alone as a) it isn’t mine and b) it is pretty well contained.

So I sat down with a cup of coffee and felt pretty smug.

For about a minute.

Then I remembered the paperwork. I’ve been tackling our paperwork for a few weeks now and whenever I think I must have finished I find more and then more and then more. I’d really had enough of it and decided that, since I was in decluttering mode, I might as well finish it once and for all. This is how I’ve organised things:

  • Utilities folder: I wrote out tabs for everything from council tax to phone bills. I then filed one years worth of all utility bills and shredded the rest.
  • Driving folder: this includes everything from paper counterpart driving licences and MoT certificates to RAC and insurance documents
  • Work folder: a section for me and one for Husband with any random bits of paper relating to our current employment, things from the Inland Revenue and details of qualifications.
  • House file: I still had all of the documentation from when we bought our home years ago. This was painfully, painfully dull to sift through but I found lots of things that will come in handy whenever we decide to move.
  • Guarantee file: basically all of the guarantees and instruction manuals for everything we own (it was amazing how many instruction manuals we had for things that are long gone).
  • Bank stuff: files for each of us for statements etc
  • Certificates file: important stuff like birth certificates etc

It was amazing how much stuff I could get rid of and be left with just a small collection of necessary files. I’ve kept a couple of spare files and have a whole pile to give to a friend. Each one left is clearly marked and it will be really easy to file things so it shouldn’t pile up again. In the past few weeks I have filled a total of six binliners of shredded paper and hereby vow that I will keep on top of my paperwork for ever more.

It feels great to be getting rid of so many useless things and seeing pockets of space appearing in each room but I am thoroughly tired of it this evening. I cannot wait until the whole place is finished and I can get on with…well, anything else frankly!

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